The Case of the Single Rider Springstravaganza: Part 1

The Case of the Single Rider Springstravaganza: Part 1

It's that time of year again! Because we can't say March Madness because we will get sued...wait....'

Anyway, it is the time of year where we create the brackets and decide the best thing in all the 4 parks or some variation of that theme.

This year, what is the best single rider line in the domestic parks? The intent of this episode was to break down all the single rider lines and get to a top 16 so we could debate for the final episode in March with a special guest host from DL Weekly Podcast, Tage. However, upon further investigation, Disney did it for us because while there are officially 9 at Disneyland, there are only 4 at Walt Disney word.

So, while we also discuss other items I.e. price of the parks, general hot takes etc, we land on the elite 8 and determine the brackets for this year's challenge.

I swear we are not becoming haters on the parks, Jimmy just posed the "is it too expensive" question and like the rest of the arguments of this show, it just depends.

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