The Case of 2023: Wrapping Up News and Trips

The Case of 2023: Wrapping Up News and Trips

The year is over and it's time to take a quick break. Yes, right after we came back from a holiday break.

Jimmy went to Disneyland on New Year's Eve. Erik and Dan went to Knott's Berry Farm. Jimmy went to Knott's too?

Join us for a bit of fun before we swear we're going to return to comparing things. We even have time codes for you below.

Happy New Year!

Links at the end!

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:13 - Introduction to the Supreme Resort Landview World Podcast 

00:01:03 - New Year's Eve at Disneyland 

00:16:43 - Knott's Berry Farm 

00:27:05 - Annual Passes and Future Visits 

00:31:23 - New DVC Tower Experience 

00:36:00 - News 

00:42:12 - Pen Traders Policy 

00:48:25 - The Ethics of Disney's Disability Access Service (DAS) Pass 

00:50:53 - DeSantis Versus Disney: A Political Showdown 

00:55:20 - Changes in Disney World Park Reservations 

01:00:34 - Tragic Loss of Murphy the Phantasmic Dragon 

01:06:51 - Ethics Accountability and Financial Decisions 

01:07:24 - Disney's Tax Implications and Employee Benefits 

01:09:12 - Tron Light Cycle Run and Theme Park Construction 

01:11:26 - Delightful Media Coverage and Memorable Headlines 

01:13:41 - Disney's Legal Battle and Financial Impact 

01:24:25 - Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Controversy 

01:27:02 - Disney's 100th Anniversary 

01:32:25 - Disneyland Forward Expansion 

01:39:17 - Lawsuit and Public Records Controversy 

01:42:00 - Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) Port 

01:45:46 - Tips and tricks for visiting Disneyland 

02:12:43 - Cross-Over Show Plans 

02:15:28 - Final Thoughts 

Music provided by JR Trimpe:

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