Puny Pod | Phase 3 Episode 5 - Thor: Ragnarok

Puny Pod | Phase 3 Episode 5 - Thor: Ragnarok

The mighty Odinson himself crash lands onto Puny Pod this week as the gang tackles the hilarious and action-packed Thor: Ragnarok! Buckle up Bifrost warriors, because we're diving deep into:

  • Chris Hemsworth's glorious performance as a Thor coming to terms with middle-aged bod.
  • Cate Blanchett chewing scenery with pure Cate Blanchett-ness as Hela, the ultimate sibling rival.
  • Taika Waititi's vibrant and irreverent direction that injects new life into the Thor franchise.
  • Korg! Miek! Showstealing scene stealers and the best gladiator duo since...well, ever?
  • The emotional gut punches (looking at you, Odin) that prove even a wacky superhero movie can pack a wallop.

Is it the best Thor flick? Does it hold up against the Infinity Saga? Listen in and find out as your hosts unravel the comedic threads and epic brawls of Thor: Ragnarok!

Please note, at recording we thought this was going to be much longer than it is so we decided to release this all as one big ole episode.


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