Puny Pod | Phase 3 Episode 4 - Spider-Man: Homecoming Part 2

Puny Pod | Phase 3 Episode 4 - Spider-Man: Homecoming Part 2

This week on Puny Pod, your friendly neighborhood podcast, we're slinging webs and slinging jokes as we dissect Spider-Man: Homecoming!

Join Ryan and David as we:

  • Tear into the juicy production details
  • Go into the spiderverse with the comic history
  • Debate the merits of the homemade suit (seriously, that thing is awesome).
  • Celebrate the hilarious high school hijinks (did Flash Thompson ever learn his lesson?)
  • Dissect all the amazing MCU Easter eggs (did you catch that Captain America PSA?)
  • And most importantly, ask the question: Did Homecoming live up to the Spidey hype?

Suit up, true believers, because this episode is gonna be super!

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Please note that this is part one of a two part episode, this second part is the movie breakdown.


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