Puny Pod | Phase 3 Episode 1 - Captain America: Civil War

Puny Pod | Phase 3 Episode 1 - Captain America: Civil War

Civil War isn't just in the title, folks! This month on Puny Pod, we dive deep into Captain America: Civil War. We'll be breaking down the epic clash between Cap and Iron Man, exploring the complex moral questions of government oversight for superheroes.

Did Iron Man cave to responsibility? Was Cap clinging to the past? We'll be picking sides (or maybe not!), analyzing the action sequences, and celebrating the introduction of Black Panther and Spider-Man!

So grab your vibranium shield or your arc reactor, because we're about to get super in this review of Captain America: Civil War!

Editors Notes: We had some mic issues on this one so we apologize! Also, we debated a 2 episode drop for this one but it really ended up being more of just a supersized single episode! Hope you all enjoy!


Themes by J.R. Trimpe: https://trimpe.org/

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