Puny Pod | Phase 2 Episode 6 - Ant-Man

Puny Pod | Phase 2 Episode 6 - Ant-Man

Ant-Man, an original Avenger, got his first movie in 2015. We will actually let Louis describe this one for us... "Hey, yo! So, check it, there's this dude, Scott, right? He's like this super smart cat who can shrink down real tiny and pack a punch. But get this, he's not just some regular dude. He's Ant-Man! And he's gotta help this genius scientist, Hank Pym, protect this crazy shrinking tech from getting in the wrong hands. It's like this big heist, man, where Scott's gotta use his skills and suit to save the day, all while pulling off some wild stunts and cracking jokes. It's a whole lotta tiny action and big-time hero stuff, you dig?" Did we love it, did we hate it, did we accidentally go plaid, er... subatomic...? Check it out this month on Puny Pod!!

Please note, there is discussion of spousal abuse during this episode, if you'd like to skip past that you can skip to 24:14


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