Puny Pod | Monthly Bugle November '23

Puny Pod | Monthly Bugle November '23

The writers made a deal, the actors made a deal now what? Ryan and David are here to cover what comes next for the MCU. They cover the delays, release dates and spin quite the... web... of theories on what happens next. They also cover the must have Lego set that is on everyone's Christmas Wishlist, just in time for you to talk about it over Thanksgiving dinner. PLUS they cover the remainder of Loki! If you want to avoid heavy spoilers for Loki skip the section from 6:33 to 31:44

Note from the editor: Sorry some of our sound effects are missing and some of the sound isn't the best this month, I'm editing on the road and missed a few things from the home studio. Wanted to get this out to you though this week so that you could listen while you were traveling for the holiday!


Themes by J.R. Trimpe: https://trimpe.org/

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