Puny Pod | Monthly Bugle May '24

Puny Pod | Monthly Bugle May '24

Calling all Puny Podians! This month's edition of Puny Pod's Monthly Bugle is getting a little weird! Buckle up as we discuss:

  • The amazing run of X-Men '97! We love this show and so much has happened since last we spoke!!
  • Double Disney Trip Reports! We both went on Disney trips lately, David did RunDisney in Walt Disney World and Ryan did a Disney Cruise. We'll break both adventures down
  • Fantastic Four Casting News! We talk about the big announcement of who will be devouring worlds as Galactus and we speculate on who a surprise casting announcement may be playing.
  • That Deadpool and Wolverine Trialer! You knew we weren't going to let this one lie. Deadpool, Wolverine, Dogpool, Rob Liefield, its all there!

Warning, spoilers for XMen 97, Game of Thrones, and much more included

Join us for theories, predictions, and a whole lot of Marvel fun!


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