Aaron Goldberg, Author of "Buying Disney's World"

Aaron Goldberg, Author of "Buying Disney's World"

What do a high-stakes poker game, clandestine meetings, shell companies, and an ex-CIA agent have in common? They all contributed to the future of Walt Disney World. We brought Aaron Goldberg, author of "Buying Disney's World" on today's show, to take us down the path that Walt has set in motion decades ago. From gathering his team to setting his sights on the perfect area in Florida for his new park, Aaron paints a wonderfully engaging landscape, detailing just what it took to bring a Disney park to Florida. Plus, Jason gets way too happy reporting on the petty fight between Bob and Bob.


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00:00 - Intro
03:33 - WDW Love
05:25 - Spy Talk
07:16 - Putting the book together
14:08 - Walt's plate was full
22:35 - The CIA operative
31:55 - The Mineral Rights that almost forced Disney to look elsewhere
41:07 - Walt isn't really in his own story
44:20 - Reedy Creek
51:25 - The real genius of Walt
59:25 - Sundown Towns on the way to Disneyland
1:10:00 - 7 Questions
1:17:00 - Break
1:17:20 - Trip Update
1:28:05 - Disney News