Puny Pod | Monthly Bugle March 2024

Puny Pod | Monthly Bugle March 2024

Assemble, True Believers! This month on the Monthly Bugle, we're diving headfirst into a whirlwind of Marvel news!

  • X-Men '97 is Back, Baby! We'll break down the latest new for the highly anticipated revival series, speculating on storylines, character returns, and the impact it could have on the larger Marvel animated universe.
  • The Marvels is Crushing It! We'll discuss the critical and commercial success of Captain Marvel's sequel, The Marvels, currently dominating streaming services. Did it live up to the hype?
  • Downey Jr. Wins Gold (Finally!) After years of near misses, Robert Downey Jr. takes home the Oscar for Best Actor!
  • Razzie Reality Check! We can't ignore the not-so-great news. Some recent Marvel movies landed themselves on the Razzie nominations list. We'll analyze the "worst of" categories and have a good laugh (or maybe cry?) about it.

So, buckle up True Believers, for a rollercoaster ride of Marvel news! We'll have reactions, predictions, and a whole lot of fun.


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