What’s Wrong With the Disneyland Annual Passport?

All of us on the show have a Disneyland Annual Passport, but not all of us are going to continue that tradition.  For some of us, the passes are more of a burden than anything, and we are going to not renew. It’s a conversation we’ve been wanting to have for awhile, so today we get right down to …

What’s Wrong With the Disneyland Annual Passport?

But first …

Jason opens the show talking about how nervous he is regarding his upcoming wisdom teeth extraction.   Then we handle some rather unique feedback, with a listener asking us to imagineer a restaurant on the spot, and we do our best to do him proud.

Then it’s SpectroTime!  Jeremy from SpectroRadio comes on to give us another history lesson on the magic of Disney music.  Today, we learn about the area music of Main Street, USA!

Finally we get to the show – the Disneyland Annual Passport and what we think is wrong with them, and why most of us are giving them up at the end of the year.  For you long-term listeners, we did a similar show back in October 2013  that Taren listened to (so you don’t have to) on why passports are great, and gave us a rundown on our thoughts three years ago to preface this show.   My, how things have changed.

Then we discuss ways that Disneyland can improve the over-crowding in the parks with on of our favorite things to do – stretch our inner imagineer!

Finally, it’s Disney News, the Fact of the Show, and we are off.


See you in the parks!


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