What to do in Disneyland when your kids are asleep

Disneyland has so much to offer, from rides to food to people-watching.  But if you have kids, you have inevitably wondered …

What To Do in Disneyland When Your Kids Are Asleep

That’s right, sometimes those little bundles of energy run out and need naps. Sometimes, those naps coincide with parents needing a bit of a Disney break (as shocking as that sounds). While Disneyland proper doesn’t have much in the way of adult-focused entertainment, California Adventure and Downtown Disney does.   Of course, Disneyland is not Vegas, so the only thing for Mom and Dad to do when they want to get away while still getting the most out of their vacation is to grab a beer and relax. To help us find the best little secret spots in and around Disneyland, we brought Dan on from MouseBrew over on Twitter (and Instagram and YouTube)  and got his take on the craft beer and coffee scene in everyone’s favorite vacation spot.   So if you have ever sat around in that post-child calm and wondered what to do in Disneyland when your kids are asleep, this is the show for you!


what to do in disneyland when your kids are asleep
The hotel is this way, dear. Daddy needs a break!

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