We Ran with runDisney!

Something we never thought we’d do: pay a company for the privilege of running. However, this was no ordinary run, it was a Disney run, and that’s way better than your average race weekend! Join us, as we tell you all about how …

We Ran With runDisney!

But first …

We start off talking about trademark issues again, and the only original Churro Castle shirt out there despite what you see on the internet. Then we explainTerrence’s new food hack involving the funnel cake at the Stage Door Cafe in Disneyland and his MaxPass review.

runDisney – it was a thing we did, and overall we had a great time doing it! Even if you aren’t an accomplished runner ( you know, if you are us), you’ll have fun and you won’t kill yourself huffing and puffing.

Disney News, then the Fact of the Show, and we are gone.

See you in the Parks!



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