Walk In Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps Tour Review

Of all the tours that Disneyland has to offer, we were the most excited about being able to give you the Walk In Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps tour review, because the tour ends on the highest of high notes: a tour through Walt’s apartment, located above the firehouse on Main Street.  Cast members can’t even get in here, that’s how exclusive it is.

To score our entry, we had to join the tour group and walk around the park, listening to audio of Walt talking about the park, giving speeches, and some other neat audio.  If you have ever thought about taking this tour, listen to our recap of it and decide if it’s for you, since the price tag is over $100 for the thing!

Plus, we cover a bit of Disney News and drop the Fact of the Show.

Disneyland has the small touches down …
Our tour guide Ernesto – great personality and knew a ton!
As part of the tour, we got to visit the dedication plaque and here the speech Walt gave on opening day.
The only non-exciting part of the tour was hanging with Mr. Lincoln …
Yes, that is in fact Miley Cyrus in the same company as Michael Jackson and Elvis. You can be shocked now.
Goofy trying to hear a bit about Walt’s apartment before we head up!
You are allowed to take one single photo inside Walt’s flat. This was ours.


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