Ub Iwerks

By now, we all know that Walt Disney didn’t make it on his own.  He surrounded himself with loads of people who could do a job better than he could, which is part of what made him such a managerial genius.  Today, we talk about one such person, as …

EarzUp Talks About Ub Iwerks

But first …

We start off discussing Terrence’s unhealthy obsession with The Golden Girls TV show, then Taren and Jason talk about their most recent trip to Disneyland very quickly.  We talk about  some new snack info, and our first live look at Luigi’s Magical Ride of Boredom and the new Soarin’ Over The World ride.

Feedback happens, and since we are still catching up from our wonky email system, we have a lot of it.

Then Bev starts in on Ub Iwerks – who he was and what he did for the Disney company and Walt.

Finally, another Main Street Window and the Fact of the Show.

This show is kind of a mess, we goof around a lot, so be ready for jokes and lots of laughter.

Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you in the parks!


Jim Cora’s Main Street Window

(Thanks to Kyle for the shot of the window. Check out his Flickr page for more great Disney photos!)




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  1. 1) Bev: Drunk History is actually a…not terrible place to get our history – but it’s probably not the best. They do have historians present as consultants who make sure that the drunk story teller tells the full story and only elaborates on elements which are either frivolous or obviously false.

    2) Tarrence, I accidentally heard you refer to the Tiki Room bathroom as “The Stinky Room.” I propose that be the name of those bathrooms. Even if they don’t stink, that’s too good to not become a thing.

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