The History of The Matterhorn

Few rides are loved and hated as much as The Matterhorn.  It stands as the ride that redefined the roller coaster as we know it today, and also the one that bruises hips, knees, and arms.  Love it or hate it, The Matterhorn is here to stay, and to that end, crack-shot reporter Terrence is here to give us …

The History of The Matterhorn

But first …

We had a full studio tonight, as a group of friends came to hang out and watch the podcast radio magic happen!  A listener writes in with Feedback for each of us.  Except for Bev.  Then we talk to our Twin Reporters Parker and Annie Essers, who give us an exclusive report on their sneak preview of Harry Potter Land over at Universal Studios in LA.  Yes, I know it’s not called Harry Potter Land, but it should be.

Taren’s Thinks happens, and then Terrence takes over the show to give us the history of The Matterhorn ride.

Then it’s the Fact of the Show, and we get to go home.

See you in the parks!

Pic #7
Cool attraction poster pushing the revamp of The Matterhorn
Our Twin Reporters at the moment they found out about their sneak preview of Harry Potter Land












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