The EarzUp! Disney Movie Recaps

A few weeks back, after a trip to Disneyland, Taren and I decided to run through every theatrical release of each Disney animated movie ever made, from Snow White on.  Why?  Well, to be frank, we haven’t seen them all.  I mean, it’s a TON of movies, if you think about it.  Not just the Disney proper ones, but things under the Disney umbrella (such as Pixar).

Also, we think it will help enhance our in-park experience.  Disneyland is famous for many things, but what we like about it is the attention to detail – in the rides, the queues, and in the surrounding areas.  Hopefully running through these movies – many of which we haven’t seen at all (or within the last 20 years) – will help us take notice of these details.

Plus, we’ve seen most everything on Netflix, so …

We encourage you to follow along and leave your comments in each of our posts with your thoughts on these classic films.  First up … Snow White!


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