The EarzUp 50th Show Celebration

Who’s to say what the future holds for us?  We sure don’t, which is why we are taking a moment to thank our friends and listeners for making EarzUp what it is today, and helping us get to our 50th show! So sit back, relax, and enjoy …

The EarzUp 50th Show Celebration!

But first …

Our 50th show gets another weird intro from Jason.  Terrence reveals his thoughts on our very first show, which is unusual considering he is normally a very positive person.

We run through some Feedback before getting to our thoughts on the first show and how it was supposed to only be 15 minutes long, something we never even came close to hitting!

There were a few special appearances by Baby Frankie, Terrence’s latest child, and Angry Bekah.

Our small awards show got underway, finally, with us talking about why we became Disney podcasters, and why we continue to create these shows.

We had two sets of awards – ones that the cast voted on and then ones that the audience voted on, after filling out a form we sent around online.   Jason kept these answers hidden from the rest of the cast, so the winners of the fan favorite awards were a real surprise!

Next, we run through some of our old Top 5 rides and see if we feel the same way we did after two years of Disney radio

After the Fact of the Show, and a heartfelt “thank you”, we are out!

See you in the parks, and here’s to 50 more episodes of EarzUp!





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