The Disneyland Foodie Checklist

Terrence takes his love of churros and all things Disney and crafts a pretty great list of must-try foods, as well as every location possible for his favorite food … churros! 

The Disneyland Foodie Checklist

The phenomenon of fitness is permeating every aspect of our society.  While the bumper of parents’ cars used to be littered with stickers honoring the intelligence of their child, they are now adorned with digits broadcasting whether they have run a half or full marathon.  We have television shows solely based around contestants shedding as many pounds as possible, and the yoga pant has become an acceptable piece of attire even while not working out.  Companies are building gym membership allowances into their employees’ salary packages, and some employees are even choosing to exercise on their lunch break instead of eating.  Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, to name a couple, have become the staple for grocery shopping since everything in their store is organically grown in the Himalayan Mountains by a monk that blesses the crops bi-weekly with a Yiddish prayer.  Now that’s how you sell a product.

More and more, this way of thinking about food is making its way into the Parks. The phrase, “I’m on a diet” are now being uttered instead of “Let’s get a turkey leg.”  Do diets exist within Disneyland? Julia Child is quoted as saying, “The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for a steak to cook.”  Now, just to be fair, eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are very important, but there is a time and a place for everything.  Disneyland is all about indulgence.  The very sights, sounds, and attractions beckon you to suspend reality and enter a magical land where all of the day-to-day issues are gone and you have the freedom to be happy.  One of the ways that Disneyland enhances that happiness is through treats that tantalize the taste buds while having the ability to evict childhood memories…or help create new ones.

I have compiled a list of 13 items within the Parks that must be experienced.  There are imaginative drinks, enticing snacks, and absolutely fabulous meals!  Also, I have included a list of the current location of each churro stand within ‘Lands and DCA because, well, CHURROS!  So to you, Mr. Diet Man, put down your apple, pick up a churro and experience everything that the Parks have to offer!

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The Disneyland Foodie Checklist – just click to download your own!



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