Star Wars Rumors Finally Laid To Rest

Join us as we celebrate the end to the Star Wars Rumors … for now

We’ve talked about this before, but the word we are getting out of Anaheim seems to be the final nail in the Tomorrowland/Star Wars conversion coffin.  Yes, the folks at Disneyland are officially pulling the plug on adding Star Wars-themed rides to Tomorrowland, and we couldn’t be happier, folks!  Star Wars is a great franchise and has a very rich and colorful universe to pull characters from, but it does not belong in Disneyland.

These construction rumors were first brought up by the folks over at MiceChat, which is a great source of Disney news, and that got us talking about the reality of this proposed overhaul to one of the core sections of Disneyland.  If you missed it, check out our Disneyland Construction Rumors show, but to sum it up, there were rumors about pulling rides like Autopia in favor of Star Wars-themed rides.  Turns out, the decision-makers found their heads and realized they didn’t have as many great ideas as they thought they did, and are pulling the project due to lack of “strong ideas”.  Yeah, we know.

Now, we aren’t the type to say “we told you so”, but it would be appropriate in this case, seeing as we said there was no way these changes would ever happen. Tomorrowland would become Star Wars Land, and as much as your inner 12-year-old slobbers over that idea, the reality would be far more disappointing.  Star Wars is great, but because we have a limited exposure to it.  Creating two new rides on top of Star Tours would dilute Disneyland and turn it into something else.  Something no longer about fun, but more about combat, rebellion, and death.  Ok, so maybe that’s going a bit too far, but think about that for a second, and maybe you’ll see our point.  In case you are deeply saddened by this news, never fear – the brave people at Disneyland will still be plugging the new Star Wars films with character meet-n-greets and such, but nothing you can actually ride.  Unless you talk Chewbacca into giving you a piggyback ride.

Now that that’s out of the way … here is probably the only way Star Wars rides would happen pre-film release:  Right now the Nemo Submarine ride is closed for refurbishment, but from what we hear they are discovering lots of problems, now that the pool has been drained and they are getting a good look at all of that.  Nemo has long been rumored to be leaving the park, so we’ll see if he re-opens, or if he’s not worth fixing up.  Also in that pile is Autopia – the park has been thinking about tearing that ride out, too.  Disneyland will indeed need something to fill those two voids, and a (stronger) version of a Star Wars ride could fit the bill.

So for now, you can stop worrying about running into the Millenium Falcon on your next trip to Disneyland.  But in a year or two … maybe.  We’ll keep you posted.

What do you think?  Are up upset by this news or do you have a sensible idea of what Tomorrowland should be, as we do?

Tomorrowland: a world of tomorrow – NOT of a film that takes place long, long ago!



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