EXCLUSIVE: Skyway To Tomorrowland Swiss Chalet – Gone!

In what seems to be commonplace at Disneyland, another piece of history has been pulled down overnight.

The Swiss Chalet, which anchored half of the Skyway To Tomorrowland buckets, is no more.  Hidden behind a few trees and some bushes, it was one of a few reminders of Disneyland’s past, if you knew where to look – a bit left and up from Casey Jr.

For the cost of a “D” ticket, you could take flight, cruising over Fantasyland, through the Matterhorn, and descending into Tomorrowland.  Naturally.

Even though it was an unused building, it was still really cool to take a peek when walking through Fantasyland.  I get that the thing was eventually going to be removed, but to just pull it down overnight seems … too final.  This was one of the great rides in the park, and one that many folks wish would return.

At any rate, the Swiss Chalet is no more.   Blink, and you missed it.

The former resting place of a classic Disneyland ride.
Kiosk to Profitland!

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  1. Nice if they could have saved it – but it was a mere skin of a building wrapped around a huge chunk of structural steel supporting the main sheave and Von Roll gearbox, sitting on a huge concrete counterweight (buried in the hill) and pilings to take the pull of the cable and passengers.

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