The Sights and Sounds of Disney Halloween

Our favorite time of the year is right around the corner … Halloween! Today we talk to SpectroRadio about the cool things that happen over at Walt Disney World, and then Terrence hits us with the history of one of the more bizarre features of Disneyland’s Halloween deco … the Halloween Tree.  So let’s get spoopy and learn about …

The Sights and Sounds of Disney Halloween

But first …

We open the show goofing off like normal. Before Feedback, Jason gives a rundown of our latest issue with social media, and how we messed up. Feedback happened, and then we get Jeremy from SpectroRadio on to talk about the music of Mickey’s Halloween Party, and Terrence tells us more about the famed Halloween Tree in Disneyland.

Then we do a bit of Disney News, and then the Fact of the Show.

See you in the Parks!

The Halloween Tree in Disneyland


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