Ridemax Review

Looking at using Ridemax for your next Disneyland trip?  Check out our review first!

One thing about every family that visits Disneyland is the rush to hit every ride they can, right?  How often do you pass a large family arguing about which ride to hit next – junior wants to dive bomb Splash Mountain, and sister really wants to see Small World.  Again.  Well, there’s a web app for that!

Ridemax is a software/website that will actually plan your day in Disneyland for you, so you can do everything your group wants to and not leave a single thing out.  Sounds too good to be true, but it does work.  How well?  Tune in and find out as we cover Ridemax!

We also go through some listener feedback, hear how folks on our Facebook page plan their days at the parks, and the Fact of the Show will have you trying to find room in your house for another cat.

Even Frank here is shocked that you waited this long.

Bonus:  We never noticed that the lantern hooks look like Captain Hook’s iron appendage.  Neat!


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