We Did It: Reflections on 100 Episodes

100 episodes. That’s huge, right? When you are in the thick of just cranking out content like a podcast, each show is just the next thing you have to do, and you sort of lose sight of the larger scope of what you are doing. As my close, personal friend Shaun O’Sullivan likes to say, “we have our noses too close to the dashboard”. Which is a great analogy for this sort of thing. We are so focused on the next show that we never stop to think about how many shows we have done. Or more to the point, we never stop to celebrate that. So when Terrence suggested we do a live show for our 100th, it never really registered as a huge deal. Or that anyone would actually care. But you know that part already 🙂

Leading up to the show, it still just felt like another episode and it only got real for me personally when Beverly leans over the railing and lets me know that there is a line forming.



I’m a pacer by nature. When I’m on the phone, I pace around, driving everyone around me nuts and stressing them out. I found an empty room at Ralph Brennan’s and just did my thing, peeking out at the balcony and watching the people file in.

Fast forward two hours and some change, and our 100th episode was in the books! And I know I said it at the show, and I’ve said it before, but I honestly cannot stop thanking our listeners for making our little show here happen on a monthly basis. Your support and feedback has helped us become a better show, a tighter group of friends, and a place for fellow Disneyland nerds to come together and nerd out. So to all of our listeners out there: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I wish I could have met each of you after the show, but we were on a pretty serious time crunch to get out of that space. Some of you came from thousands of miles away, some of you changed your entire vacation plans – flights and all – just to stay for us. Even typing this out now brings some moisture to my eyeballs …

Sitting here at home, going through my daily routine of cats/coffee/cats/internet, trying to even understand how we found such a great group of people to celebrate with, I’m honestly and truly humbled by the support we have in you. Thank you all for being a part of our show – even if you didn’t make it to the 100th, you helped push us to this point. This was as much your event as it was ours. Hopefully we can do it again and not have to wait 4 years for another 100 shows.

In the heat of the moment I forgot to thank way too many people, so I’m doing it here in this post. Sorry. In no particular order, these are the people that have helped make this show what it is in one way or another:

Our archivist Matt Tedisch

Announcer man Charlie Essers

Our lovely Twin Reporters Parker and Annie Essers, who also checked you good people in at the show

OG information gatherer Matt Staley

Ex-Imagineer and full-time dude Kyle Sherman

Geoff and Kerry Trofimuk for making a million pins for us to give out for the 100th

Marili Ramirez for drawing the oft-stolen Churro Shirt design, among other things

Jeremy from SpectroRadio for clicking so well with us and making us feel like family from the jump

Beverly for joining the staff late and always making me laugh

Terrence and Taren, for helping me to take this crazy idea to 100 episodes. It’s a crazy thought, right?

All of our Patreon supporters for donating their hard-earned money to help us get new equipment, by more shirts, and things to give away at this show. You people literally keep the lights on, and you have helped me not only make the dream of 100 episodes come true, but the dream of me being able to actually pay my staff for their hard work and time away from their families. It really does my heart good.

And finally, to the listeners! Y’all are the real MVPs, driving our listener numbers up higher each month, and making me confident (eventually) that people would want to see us do our little show in person. This show is YOUR SHOW.

Thank you all again!




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  1. Thank you guys so much for creating this podcast and letting us into your lives. Its really gotten me through some rough times, helped me more appreciate something I already loved and its been amazing to watch the show grow. It feels supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to be connected to something so great. Thank you. and here is to 200!

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