A Quick Holiday Update

This time of year is always busy enough with normal life.  Add into that a recording schedule and egg nog drinking and things can get a bit muddy.  So today we post a quick update show to let you know that we will not be having another show release in 2016. NO TEARS!  We just couldn’t find the time to all get together and record a show, but we did manage to carve out 20 min last night and record a little something so you don’t think we forgot about you!

We talk about Jason’s new passion for Costco Egg Nog, about how half of us will be participating in the Disney 5k in September, we do a short online quiz about Walt Disney, and drop some info on our upcoming Patreon page.  Yep, we are doing away with our PayPal account and shifting to the wonderful Patreon platform, which is basically an ongoing Kickstarter page where you can support us and get cool rewards in exchange for your hard-earned money.  It’s pretty cool, and a much better way for us to give back to you for keeping this show alive.

At any rate, there we go – we are taking a break until 2017, so have a happy holiday of your choice, and we’ll see you in the parks!


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