The People v. Disneyland: An Interview With David Koenig

With a park as complex and varied as Disneyland, there have to be injuries occurring on a daily basis, right?  And humans being the way we are, there have to be numerous lawsuits resulting from thee injuries.  Author David Koenig does the research, uncovering years and years of court cases, all culminating in his new book …

The People v. Disneyland

But first …

We have a few listeners in the studio tonight, which is always a treat.  Listener Caleb and his family stopped by to chat with us about what an 8-year old boy loves about Disneyland.  As adults we can guess, but rarely do we sit down and really ask.  Caleb lets us know!

Terrence and Jason  talk about that time they faceswapped.  The results of which can be found below:

Terrence and Jason, using the best in modern faceswapping tech!
Terrence and Jason, using the best in modern faceswapping tech!


We hit up some feedback and drop some suggestions on where to propose in the parks for a listener.  (Spoiler alert: she said yes!)

Our friend Matt, who works at Disneyland, came on the show to talk about the EnvironMentalty Art Challenge that the CM’s do backstage, and this year was the first time their projects were shown to the public.  It was great to hear about the cool things that go on backstage, and we were happy to help spread the word!

Finally we cthe people v. disneylandhat with Caleb about what he loves to do in the parks, which is pretty fun, and then we chat with David Koenig, the author of The People v. Disneyland.  David is a blast to interview, and the book is a very interesting collection of lawsuit summaries.  I know that doesn’t sound exciting, but David’s writing style pulls you through each one very well.  Highly recommend it, and you can grab it here via our Amazon Link!




Then it’s the Fact of the Show, and we are done.

See you in the Parks!










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