O-Zell Soda and Walt’s Birthplace

What does soda have to do with Walt Disney and the house he was born in?  We are glad you asked!  Take a moment and learn all about Elias (Walt’s Dad) and …

O-Zell Soda and Walt’s Birthplace

We got the opportunity to sit down with Dina and Brent from O-Zell soda and Walt’s birthplace to talk about their love of Disney and their ongoing project to restore the house that Elias Disney built in Chicago in 1893, and where Walt Disney himself was born in.  Dina and Brent purchased the home in 2013, and are using the profits from the sales of O-Zell soda to help heal this historic home.

The story of Elias and the O-Zell soda company is a great read, one that could easily be made into a Disney movie, as it has a great story arc moving from Elias being broke due to the owner of O-Zell embezzling his money, to his son Walt becoming a larger-than-life entertainment figure.

We also talk about the recent price changes for the Anaheim parks and what the means for your next vacation.  And ours.

So listen to the history of the Disney family and the O-Zell soda line, then buy some great-tasting soda and help Dina and Brent restore Walt’s birthplace!


Drinkin’ some O-Zell, talking O-Zell! #Meta



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  1. A correction for the show: The matterhorn does have a single rider line. I believe you can walk up to where the line splits and choose a side. And the show really made me want to try the sodas! Hopefully soon. Keep up the good work

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