It’s Not A Trip To Disneyland Without …

We all have things that we love about Disneyland.  Little things that just “make” the trip for us, and we would feel almost empty without experiencing.  Sometimes those things can be very different from one another, despite how relatively small the park is.  Today, we go around and talk about our ideas of …

It’s Not  A Trip To Disneyland Without …

But first –

We open talking about our brand new studio and how new everything is for us.  Despite our fumblings, we think the show sounds pretty good!  Then some exciting news about Covears for us personally, flowing right into Taren’s Thinks – this one is about Stevie Wonder.

Terrence discusses the last step he took to be on the Disney Mom’s Panel, and tells us if he made it or not.

Then we jump into the meat of the show – what makes a trip to Disneyland for each of us.

More talk about our 100th show, where it could be, and the realization that we’ll have to sell tickets to the show so that we can really put on a great experience for you all.

Feedback, Fact of the Show, and that’s it.

See you in the parks!

If you squint, you can see the construction of Star Wars Land in the background!


2 Replies to “It’s Not A Trip To Disneyland Without …

  1. Listening to your show, sorry you didn’t get the gig Terrance, I’m sure you would have made a great “mom”. I was thinking about what you said about what to do with a child having a meltdown, and I have an out of the box answer for you. I’ve worked with kids for many years, and I can tell you a child’s behavior is often a reflection of the caregiver, mom, dad, whoever. It is often the grown up who needs to take a break, chill out, and calm down. Kids sense the stress coming from adults, and adults assume they know what is bothering a kid without really talking to, and listening to, the child. Before reacting to the child’s meltdown, parents need to take a good look at themselves first.
    Congrats on the new studio, but where is “angry Bev”?
    Keep up the good work, you guys have become one of my “bare necessities.”
    Planning to take my first trip to Disneyland next fall, can’t wait to see if Terrance is right about DCA.
    Keep Calm, and Churro on! (Another thing I look forward to trying.)

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