It’s Nighttime in Disneyland … Now What?

When we talk about going to the Parks, it’s usually during the day.  After all , that’s when we have the most hours to enjoy our favorite places.  But what about when it’s nighttime in Disneyland?  We sat down and compiled some of our favorite things to do at night, because that can be the best time to do stuff.  If one thing is certain …

It’s Nighttime in Disneyland … Now What?

But first …

Bev chokes on water somehow, and we all make fun of her.  Then we do some feedback and our usual intro stuff, including a Taren’s Thinks!

We jump into the topic head-first, listing out our favorite things to in Disneyland at night.  For us, we see less people in the Parks at night, which is a shame because darkness affords a very different take on rides and areas than during the day.

Then we do some Disney News, including talking about the very controversial removal of the redhead in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Fact of the Show and we are gone.

See you in the Parks!

Haunted Mansion – better at night?













2 Replies to “It’s Nighttime in Disneyland … Now What?

  1. Hi Jason and Taren

    We’ve been to Disney World more than Disneyland (except Lindsey at your wedding) but our favorite rides at night are Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, and of course Pirates

    We are mad about the change to Pirates, because when Lindsey was 5 that was her favorite part, she said did you hear that they want me to be a pirate

    Your cousins in Michigan

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