New Year’s At Disneyland

Being in Disneyland for New Years is something on most people’s bucket lists, but not something we have ever given much thought to.  The park has to be super busy, right?  Well, thanks to Disneyland offering a Tower of Terror event on January 1st, Taren and Jason decided to see what it would be like to experience …

New Year’s At Disneyland

But first …

Feedback happens, and we give our review of Steakhouse 55, the upscale dining experience located uncomfortably close to Goofy’s Kitchen.  Then we talk about spending New Years Eve not in Disneyland proper, but in Trader Sam’s!

We chat about the Festival of the Holidays, the Food-and-Wine-esque event in DCA, and then get to our experience at the “exclusive” Tower of Terror event and how that lead us to get sucked back in to the Disney process …

News, Fact of the Show, and we are gone!

See you in the Parks!

Our “exclusive” Tower of Terror party with over 500 of our closest friends!
Taren and Jason saying “Good-bye” to the best themed queue in the parks
Love the lighting on this ride
The segmentation of colors is great
The Festival of Holidays is a big deal in DCA



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