Music of Disneyland

Of all the hidden things and little details that Disneyland puts into its parks, none is more underrated – or more ignored – than its music.  Everywhere you go in the park,various styles of music playing through hidden speakers subtly reinforces the fact that you are actually in a different location.  A different time.  Maybe even a different person.

The music of Disneyland is not often something we think about when we go to the park. After doing this show and really listening to the soundtrack of Disneyland, we realized just how important it is to the different sections and attractions.  More to the point, just hearing the music of Disneyland instantly transported us back to the park, strolling down Main Street and off into imagination.

So come along as we take a trip into the park with the music of Disneyland.  Plus, we have some listeners call in and play Guess That Attraction!

We’d bet you have Cars Land music in your head now, huh?

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