The Music of The Millennium Celebration

Disneyland has loads of history, obviously.  Sometimes, we need to take a step back and check out those other Disney Parks out in the world that have been churning out great entertainment for decades as well.  Tonight, Jeremy from SpectroRadio comes in to talk to us about …

The Music of The Millennium Celebration

But first …

We had an email issue that killed our email, so if you wrote in and didn’t hear back, once again the email gremlins are to blame.  We also chat about our 100th episode live broadcast and all the details that we know about that, which isn’t much, but we do give the location …

Our friend Jeremy from SpectroRadio starts his segment on the Millennium Celebration that took place in Walt Disney World in the year 2000.  Normally, Jeremy’s segments are shorter than this, but in building his history show, he needed much more time to do this amazing celebration any amount of justice.  And Jeremy doesn’t disappoint, diving deep into the origin story of this celebration – all centered around the music and how that all came together.  It was a really great show, and something that we were all excited to listen to.

Then we do our Fact of the Show and we are gone.

See you in the Parks!


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