Modeling Disney

Most of us daydream about working for Disney, right?  To be plucked from relative job obscurity and asked to perform our own brand of magic for the place we all love – how cool would that be?  Well, we speak with Miles, who had this very thing happen to him, all based on his hobby of …

Modeling Disney

But first …

Anthony joins us in studio, and we make him pay for it by giving him a new nickname … Kanye. If you know him on social media, you’d know why.

We spin conjecture about how much Stan Lee is worth, and how newsworthy Epic Rap Battles is.  Terrence announces his plans for a churro house when he strikes it rich, despite the overwhelming conclusion that he would just end up eating it and be homeless.

This week saw some cool listener feedback, and Taren breaks the studio up with what could possibly be her best Taren’s Thinks segment so far.

Then it’s time to get our guest on the phone, Miles. He does 3-D computer modeling as a hobby, and has been working on a 3-D model of Disneyland just for fun. He started putting his work on Facebook to not only spread his love of modeling Disney, but also to  get some crowd-sourced images to help with his project.  Somehow, someone from Disney found him and asked for his help with the 60th anniversary overlay! It’s a really cool story, and Miles takes us through how this whole thing happened and tells us some cool details about his two nights working at the top of the Disneyland castle!

Jason drops a “Supernatural” joke that falls flat. Of course.  Clearly nobody else watches that show.

We say “good-bye” to Miles and turn to Beverly for her very first solo segment, continuing our rundown of the dedicated windows on Main Street with a segment highlighting Harriet Burns. This lady did a lot in the Disney universe, and Bev does a great job at bringing Harriet’s accomplishments to life.

Then we cover some important Disney news, and it’s off to the Fact of the Show, which we did as a blog post here (so if you want a more detailed explanation of it that the one Jason gave on the show, you can check that out), so check that out after the show and see what we are talking about.

See you in the Parks!

The Harriet Burns window, located above Carriage Place Clothiers in the Main Street Emporium. The plants block the name, but trust us, it’s there.


(FYI: there were a couple of “S-bombs” dropped in this episode that were edited out of the podcast.  So if you don’t mind hearing a couple s-words, the video is for you.  If you want a “cleaner” version, please download the podcast)


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