How To Make Your Home Smell Like The Haunted (Holiday) Mansion

Step 1: Never Clean.

Seriously, there is a fool-proof way to get that wonderful Holiday Haunted Mansion smell in your house this year.  You know the smell – that roasting pumpkin, cinnamon, pie-spice, fresh gingerbread, its-cold-outside-so-lets-light-a-fire smell.  Yeah that one.  At least that’s what it smells like to me, and every time I ride that ride and the Doom Buggy passes the dining room scene, I just lean back and breathe deeply (and try not to pass out).

Taren and I have been looking to find that smell “over the counter”, for lack of a better term, and this is the closest we have come to replicating that lovely smell … Cost Plus!

Yes, Cost Plus sell these great candles called “Mexican Pumpkin” that are a fairly dead-on match to the same smells they pump into The Mansion during the holidays, and we buy about 5 every year.   Now, I don’t pretend to understand why they are called Mexican Pumpkin, but I really don’t have to.  As long as the smell never changes year to year, I can be inside that ride in any room in my home.

Find them, light them, smell the ever-loving heck out of them!   We do.

Light some of these and you'll never miss The Mansion again!
Light some of these and you’ll never miss The Mansion again!

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