Let’s Go To Shanghai

All too often we get stuck on the two Disney parks we have here at home, without looking too much into the others around the world.  Today, we take a look at the most recent Disney Park and why we are saying …

Let’s Go To Shanghai

But first …

We open the show with some exciting news: EarzUp! is now on Patreon!  If you have been looking for a better way to support the show, then Patreon is that way.  It’s sort of like a monthly crowd-funding site, where you pledge your support monthly, but you get free stuff out of the deal (besides this amazing show).   So if you have been waiting on throwing us some cash, please hit up our Patreon Page here, and check out our awesome rewards.  It helps us stay alive!

Then we chat about the upcoming trip for Taren and Jason that just happens to land on New Year’s Eve, and is mainly for the Tower of Terror party happening on January 1st.  Taren has some long feedback that of course we have to comment on, and then it’s on to the show.

Shanghai Disney has some really amazing rides, stuff that Disneyland will never be able to get.  So, will the draw of technology be enough to bring us to China?  Find out!

We do some Disney News, a Fact of the Show, and that’s it!

See you in the Parks!

Shanghai Disneyland!




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