What To Do With Kids 5 And Under at Disneyland

Terrence is the parent side of EarzUp!  In addition to having two kids under the age of 5, he has navigated Disney with children in tow, and is the best to take us through …

What to do with kids 5 and under at Disneyland

This was a pretty crazy show, by our standards.  Terrence pulls us around to tell us what there is to do with kids 5 and under at Disneyland and DCA, and has some really cool tips to give.  Beverly was on hand to give us her own tips for new mothers at Disneyland, and to give us some much-needed comic relief.

Also in the studio were Taren’s parents who were kind enough to share an embarrassing memory from Taren’s Disneyland past.  It was both sad and amazing … trust us.

Listener and friend-of-the-show John sent us our first ever bit of snail mail, which included some pretty neat old-school Disney flyers, that he just happened to find on the street.  Thanks John … we didn’t catch anything after all!

We do some Disney News, Taren comes up with our new tag line, and our Fact of the show will have you dancing a little jig!

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