The Dark Side of Disney With Director Philip Swift

For most of us, enjoying Disney Parks is a pretty simple business: show up, walk around, and explore things the way Walt intended.  But for others there’s a call to see the parks in a whole new way.  That’s the premise of today’s show, where we interview Philip Swift about his new Disney documentary called …

The Dark Side of Disney

But first …

We start the show talking about why we do a live show and choose not edit out our rambling nonsense.  Which I still don’t understand, but whatever.

Terrence waxes poetic about typewriters, which somehow became a talk on film developing.  We don’t know either …

Feedback happens, and then we jump on with our guest, Philip Swift, to talk about his latest Disney documentary, The Dark Side of Disney, based around the book of the same name.  In it, he and a small camera crew interview some Disney superfans who have done less-than-legal things in the parks, including jumping off of rides and walking around the animatronics!  Philips quest was to see if it was really possible that there were Disney fans out there that pushed the envelope on what it meant to love Disney.  And he found them.   Philip was a great interview and The Dark Side of Disney is super entertaining,  we can’t recommend it enough.   Head to to find out how to watch it for yourself, or you can grab it here from our Amazon link!

Then Fact of the Show and we get to go home.

See you in the parks!

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