An Interview with

There are literally hundreds of Disney-related websites out there, but none as interesting the one Chris has put together.  Why?  Well, sit back and find out as we have …

An Interview With

The show starts with a discussion about loveliness and who has more of it. Taren or Terrence.  Which is very, very important stuff.   Taren and Jason recap their recent trip to Disneyland to check out some of the new Frozen attractions in DCFrozen, and we read (and react) to some feedback about our show only being worthy of two stars on our iTunes page because we were not Disney historians.  Something we never have claimed in the first place, but … we are still glad that person wrote in.

DisneyChris joined the conversation then, and our interview began.  In case you are unaware, Chris runs, and audio site dedicated to the sounds of Disneyland’s past.  Seriously, the guy has loads and loads of classic audio that most Disneyland fans have never heard, including some pieces of Walt Disney’s TV shows that were shot during the construction of Disneyland. It’s amazing stuff, and we highly recommend playing around on his site.  You can also follow him on Twitter, where he posts lots of clips and old, color-corrected photos of Disneyland.

Chris talks to us about his love of Disneyland, how he gets his audio, and some of the steps he does to restore and clean the pieces up.  It’s all very time-consuming.

Then we do some Disney News and our Fact of the Show and, once again, it’s time to leave the studio!


See ya’ in the parks!

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  1. Guys, great podcast but I couldn’t disagree more with you about wages. I live in Australia where almost everyone earns a decent wage. It’s unbelievable to me that some of these cast members working full time could be on just $20,000, while at the same time the CEO is earning $46,000,000. Of course it’s fair enough that the CEO is well paid, but there is absolutely no justification for anyone to earn those kinds of wages. No wonder your country is in such a mess. Have you ever walked 4 or 5 blocks south of Disneyland? It’s depressing and feels very “third world”. And there is a lot of America that’s like that. It’s quite shocking to overseas visitors, and definitely not what we see in the movies. Please don’t try and justify these extreme wage unbalances.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Matt. I don’t think I ever defended the low wages of the cast members who work at Disney. If I remember correctly, I was trying to make the point that for unskilled job wages, they could be doing worse. Which is true. Having traveled extensively in the US, I would disagree that “there is a lot of America that’s like that”. Australia has many issues that parallel ours, and the minimum wage is not the cause. Poverty is a global issue, and one country is not “better” at it than the other, which is what the tone of your comment suggests.

      The idea that there is “absolutely no justification” for anyone to earn what the Disney CEO does is simply your opinion, and I do thank you for voicing it. I disagree, and would take that job in a heartbeat if I had the schooling and brains to run a global brand that employs hundreds of thousands of people.

      The comment about the area around Disneyland being “third world” shows you clearly have no idea what you are talking about at all. I’m sure you have good intentions, but your approach needs some work.

      Lastly, I really hope you don’t believe what you see in movies. Is Australia exactly like I saw it in “Romper Stomper”? I hope not.

      Before you go making wild and untrue characterizations of America, you should realize that every nation has issues, including your own. So I would focus on those and let us handle ours. Otherwise you sort of come off as a bit of a know-it-all. And that is no way to get your point across.

      Thanks for listening!

      1. Hi Jason,

        Thanks for an excellent reply. After re-reading my comment I realised I was out of line to comment the way I did. I certainly do have certain views on capitalism, wages, etc, but this is not the place to air them.

        I love visiting the USA and do it often, especially Disneyland, of course! I’m glad you’ve seen Romper Stomper 😉 I know Australia is far from perfect. We don’t have Disneyland!!

        I always look forward to your podcasts. Keep up the great work. I’m still listening 🙂

        1. Russel Crow’s finest acting, IMO 🙂 Thanks for the response, and really – thanks again for the comments. Stuff like this is important, and it is important to get world views that are not your own.

          When you are in Disneyland next, please let us know!

          1. I agree (About Russell Crowe). And I’m at Disneyland right now (on the train!). I love this place! 🙂

  2. I enjoyed the interview with I enjoy listening to the Disney Song of The Day each day, and I learn a bit of Disney trivia along with it as well! I think Chris Lyndon is doing a tremendous job on his website:)

  3. Been visiting ever since the podcast…Thank you for bringing him on and sharing his wonderful collection of Disneyland music…We love it !!

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