Interview With Author James Bohn

The Disney Company might have been started by a mouse, but it was music that enabled the world to fall in love with said mouse.  Today we talk with author James Bohn, who traced the history and impact of the music in Disney cartoons, and literally wrote the book on it, called, “Music in Disney’s Animated Features”. So sit back and get ready to learn, as we conduct an …

Interview With Author James Bohn

But first …

We start with a note from Jason explaining the segment of bad audio we had in today’s show, which starts at around the 19 minute mark and goes for about 15 minutes.  It’s not terrible, but it’s not great either.  Sorry.

Both Bev and Taren are out sick, so it’s just Jason and Terrence running the show.  We bring on Jeremy from SpectroRadio on early and ask him to sit in on our Feedback segment, which he does.  Then we run right into SpectroTime as Jeremy teaches us about the history of the music of the song everybody loves to hate on … “It’s a Small World”.

Then we get our guest on the line, James Bohn, author of the book “Music in Disney’s Animated Features”.  We loved this book, and James does a great job at digging deep into the musical past of the early days of Disney and how music came to play such a pivotal role in the company’s future. We had a lot of fun talking with James, and can’t recommend his book enough. You can grab it from our Amazon link if you want to support us at the same time.

Then it’s some Disney News, Fact of the Show, and that’s it.

See you in the Parks!


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