How To Be A Disney Performer

They say you should get a job doing something you love, that way it will never truly feel like work.  Well, where else can that be but in Disneyland? If you have ever wondered what it takes to be on stage in a Disney Park, then you’ll want to pay close attention as we learn …

How to be a Disney Performer

But first …

Jason starts the show by expressing his love of Stitcher Radio and it’s free podcasts (of which EarzUp is one of), including his new favorite, Welcome to Night Vale.  If you are into sci-fi/comedy/bizarre things, then you’ll dig Night Vale.

Greg the Donator took advantage of our new policy that allows reoccurring donors to give us things to say on the air by penning a “poem” for Terrence and Jason to read.  He did have directions for the boys to do numerous interpretive dances, but Terrence’s leotards were at the cleaners, so we opted out of that portion.

Taren and Jason announced their new venture, Covears! They are cute little covers for your Mickey Mouse ears that allow you to dress up your hat while in the parks.  They slip on and off with ease and will not damage your hat in any way.  A cool way to add some personality to your favorite ear hat.

Finally, we get our guest on the line.  Steve has been performing at Disneyland for a number of years, and had some really great tips on how to land a job entertaining guests for a living.  He does live performances and song-and-dance numbers, and does a great job diving into detail about what it means to work at a place like Disneyland.  It was a great interview, and Steve did a wonderful job making Terrence cry as well as letting us know how to be a Disney performer.

Before we exit the show, Taren and Terrence hash out their thoughts on the movie Frozen.  “The Frozen Throwdown” came about from Taren hating Frozen, and Terrence challenging that thought.  They got together and hashed out their thoughts in the only way they know how … on the air.


how to be a Disney performer
Does learning how to be a Disney performer feel like pulling the sword from the stone? We break it down for you!


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