How to be a Disney Figure Finisher

A lot of attention is given to how well Disneyland keeps up with its looks – the exterior of show buildings, the cleanliness of the streets, but we don’t really think too much about what it takes to maintain the actual show figures in the rides.  Today we talk to Matt Staley,  who is a Figure Finisher in Disneyland, about what goes in to figure maintenance and …

How to be a Disney Figure Finisher

But first …

We talk about recycling, which is a natural segue to the old cartoon Captain Planet of which Terrence and Taren were apparently huge fans of.  Then Terrence lets us know just how much of an emotional fireball he is, which comes as a shock to literally nobody in the studio.

Then, the return of Taren’s Thinks.  Or Taren Stinks, depending on how you hear it.

Finally, Matt Staley joins us, and he’s part of the Figure Finishing department at Disneyland.  We talk about what it takes to be a Figure Finisher, and what that really means to us as guests.  Matt is a lot of fun and gave us a great look behind the scenes, while still keeping the magic alive for us!

Jason totally blows the Fact of the Show to hell, then it’s time to leave.

See you in the Parks!

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What’s it take to keep these figures running? Find out!




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