The History of the Walt Disney Company: Part 1

Most fans of Disneyland know a little bit about Walt and the company he built, but for the most part we just sort of pick up his history after the construction of Disneyland.  In today’s show, we take you through  …

The History of the Walt Disney Company: Part 1

But first …

Jason had a very special gift for those of you listening live over on Livestream, as he forgot the cameras were rolling and made some terribly rude gestures.   Thankfully they were edited out of the video, but if you like seeing sort of “outtakes” like that, watching live is the way to go, I guess.

Terrence and Bev’s kids have some history, and they are only 5 and 4 years old, respectfully.

Jason reflects on age and how his timeline is out of whack, and we go over even more ramblings about life, the lottery, and earthquakes.

We do some Main Street Fanny Packers talk and give an update on our logo production and some possible methods of joining.

Then we get down to business!  Taren has done a ton of research on The Walt Disney Company and broke everything down into three parts.  Today we talk about part one, which is how Walt went from ambulance driver to Academy Award Winner.

After that there is some Disney News, and then we end the show … or do we?  After the outro music Terrence and Jason stick around to talk a bit about the new Star Wars film, so if you haven’t seen it, be sure to stop listening when you hear the outro music!

See you in the parks!

Walt Disney's business card
Walt Disney’s business card




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