The History of the Walt Disney Company: Part 2

Taren takes up her history books and presents us with the second part of our epic look into how Walt built up his company, from lone animator to king of an empire. Today, we dive deep into …

The History of the Walt Disney Company: Part 2

But first …

We open with the studio clowning on Taren about strange stuff.  Which is pretty normal these days.

Then we jump right into the show, as Taren gives us part two in the history of the Walt Disney Company, covering how Walt raised funds to build the park, all the planning involved in that, and how he dominated over his haters.  Taren does her homework to find some great that you don’t hear too much on.  For example, Roy totally freezing Walt out of using company funds to build Disneyland.  We never knew!

Bev treats us to another insight into the Windows on Main Street.

Pretty tidy little show.

See you in the parks!


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