The History of Tower of Terror

The older you get, the less a ride can freak you out. Well, Disneyland has figured a way around that, by building a center of all that is evil in the world in the outskirts of California Adventure.  Today, Terrence brings you …

The History of Tower of Terror

But first …

In introing the show we discover Terrences secret desire to build a Tower of Churros, and figure out just how to make that happen.   Then we jump into some Feedback, and another unreal segment of Taren’s Thinks.

We debate the interest that folks in Imagineering have in Disneyland, which as Taren points out, seems to be diminishing, and we segue that into talking about the recent 60th Tv special that wasn’t all that special.

Terrence takes us through the History of Tower of Terror, from inception to construction, including some cool hidden gems within the ride that you may not have noticed.

Then some Disney News, a Fact of the Show, and that’s that.

See you in the parks!


Tower of Terror: accurate.


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