The History of Snow White’s Scary Adventures

Fantasyland is more than just checking the ride time for Peter Pan. It’s full of other rides that tend to be forgotten about. Today, we focus on one such ride, and give you a bit of …

The History of Snow White’s Scary Adventures

But first …

Taren is back, but we are still sans Bev this week. We talk about our official archivist Matt and what a great job he is doing tracking our show’s illustrious history. There is some 100th show talk – mainly how we are sold out of tickets and we aren’t sure if any more will come through. Which is sad for us.

During Feedback we chat about our social club, the Main Street Fanny Packers, and how we have exactly 5 patches left in stock. Crazy to think that we have 20 members!

Then it’s time for the history of Snow White’s Scary Adventures!

Some Disney News, then the Fact of the Show, and that’s it.

See you in the Parks!



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