The History of the Partners Statue

By now, most things In Disneyland are not secret, despite what most click-bait articles tell you.  The Partners Statue is one of those things that, while not secret by any means, does have a cool history  with some lesser-known points of interest. Taren takes the lead and gives us …

The History of the Partners Statue

But first …

Of course we stumble over the intro, and Jason laments the fact that we don’t have an archivist, so if anyone wants to work for free and taking notes on our shows, just holler.

We also announce that Terrence will be doing the next classic review of  “Song of the South”, and he could not be more excited.  Our D23 update happens, for those of you who were planing on meeting us there, and Taren’s Thinks returns with some deep thoughts about vitamins.  Jason reads the feedback for Taren, since it’s her show and that’s a lot of talking for her to do.

Then it’s Taren’s turn to shine as she tells us all about the Partners Statue in Disneyland!

We do some feedback, then the Fact of the Show, and we gone!

See you in the Parks!



The famous statue, located at Imagineering!






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