History of Toontown

Most of us make no bones about disliking Toontown.  From it’s lack-luster attractions to is less-than-stupendous food selections, the argument can be made for it’s removal.  However, like all lands in “Lands”, it has a past.  To that end, we delve into …

The History of Toontown

But first …

We start the show off with lots of Earthquake talk, since there have been a few news stories coming across the “news desk” on just such a topic.  Living in California, earthquakes are natural and scary at the same time.  Regardless of that scene in L.A. Story.

Then we get to some really cool feedback with a few pieces of  great advice to help make our Walt Disney World trip even better.  After, we welcome back Anthony to talk a bit about the Ant-Man film and what it’s place is in the coming flood of Marvel films.

Terrence talked a bit about his experience of watching Pinocchio went for our animation rundown.

Then, Jason takes us through Toontown and it’s very short history.  Which is probably all the same, since everyone but Jason seems to hate the place.

Disney News, Fact of the Show, and we are done, folks!

See you in the parks!

toontown window
Just above the Library, you can find the Toontown windows dedicated to Walt.




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