History of the Little Mermaid Ride

The Little Mermaid ride at DCA is fairly new , but it’s Bev’s favorite movie and well, it was her turn to do a segment on the show. So with that in mind, we bring you …

The History of The Little Mermaid Ride

But first …

We start off talking about slang and what the hip term is for “significant other”, for some strange reason.  These show intros are never planned, and are totally organic, so we have no clue what’s going to come pouring out when the mics turn on.

Then we talk to Jeremy from SpectroRadio for a quick recap of his recent broadcasting troubles and how he is now back broadcasting.  After a sigh of relief, we get down to brass tacks: Jeremy is debuting  a new re-occurring segment on EarzUp, called  “It’s SpectroTime!”, and the point is to have him on once a month to talk to us about a different piece of Disney music.  Today, Jeremy tells us about his favorite piece, SpectroMagic: what it is, where it came from, and why he loves it.

Bev has the floor as she tells us the history of The Little Mermaid ride, and we all learn a lot about the ride that has one of the shortest lines in the parks.   It’s also a great place to get out of the heat, since it’s air conditioned!

We move on to Jason as he does some Disney News, Fact of the Show, and then we are done!

See you in the parks!




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