The History of Space Mountain

Few rollercoasters affect people more than Space Mountain.  Weather you are afraid of the dark, hate long lines, or are concerned that raising your hands higher than your head will result in limb loss, we all have something to fear on this ride.  Today, we ask Taren to help us overcome our fears as we are forced to tackle …

The History of Space Mountain

But first …

We start by doing a Price is Right version of “Guess our number of Facebook followers”, for some reason.  Then we talk briefly about his recent review of “Song of the South”, and our upcoming move to Twitch, as well as plugging our 100th episode!

“Taren’s Thinks” makes a return to the podwaves, and, since she is doing the show today, Jason reads the Feedback.  Lucky you.

Then it’s time for The History of Space Mountain!  As most things in Disneyland, there’s a lot to cover and more than you thought there would be.

Disney News is next, followed by the Fact of the Show, and that’s it for this one.

See you in the Parks!



5 Replies to “The History of Space Mountain

  1. Great episode. I love this ride and Taren’s account of it’s history was very informative. I completely agree with Bev about feeling at any moment I’ll be decaptitated and I never put my arms in the air. Ha! Perfect. At least there is no quick sand.

  2. WDW Space Mountain is down to 6 people (3 & 3 tandem), I think they took a chair out because we’re all fat…

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