The History of Liberty Street

Not everything on Walt’s drawing board made it to Disneyland.  Today, Jason takes us through one of these lands in …

The History of Liberty Street

But first …

We start the show with a lovely clip from Shaun and Ryan, two listeners who love the show so much that they recorded a little audio clip for us to play.  Awesome!

Bev joins us inside the studio and out of her call booth glass case of emotion, which was probably really great for her.  We start off with our first Disney Animation Movie Recap – Snow White!

We get into some feedback, letting us know that “Crescent City” is NOT a small boarder town, but a nickname for New Orleans.  Now we know.

Taren and Jason talk about their latest trip to the parks and how great all of the plussings look for the 60th anniversary.  We got to see some of the new ride stuff, including the new animated door for Indiana Jones, which is great, but the best thing we saw was the new Matterhorn Yeti.  The Imagineers have made this ride relevant again for me.  Just an amazing job, and we highly suggest waiting in this long line for a chance to ride the Matterhorn – 100% worth it!.

We also saw the Hat Box Ghost, and while we just plain forgot to talk about him.  The first time we saw him, he wasn’t working.  Now, we found out a few things: that part of the action that makes the head vanish is that the entire thing drops into his chest cavity, leaving the second one free to appear within the actual hat box.  Savvy riders have figured this trick out and have actually been tossing water bottles and other trash into the cavity, blocking the head from popping back up.  This results in a broken and static Hat Box Ghost.  So we forgot to talk about him on the show, but there you go – all the HBG info you could ever want!

Jason then gets into the history of Liberty Street.  Many people aren’t familiar with the concept of Liberty Street, and if they are, they are usually thinking of the one located in Walt Disney World.  In fact, Liberty Street was originally planned for Disneyland, and Jason has the history of the concept – it’s short but pretty interesting!  We also found a cool clip of Walt talking about his concept for Liberty Street – check it out, it’s really cool:

Then we get through some Disney News, a random Fact of the Show, and that’s it!

Some Liberty Street Concept Art
Some Liberty Street Concept Art



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